• Multiple Working Bands Waterproof Directional Drone Jammer 41X32X17cm
Multiple Working Bands Waterproof Directional Drone Jammer 41X32X17cm

Multiple Working Bands Waterproof Directional Drone Jammer 41X32X17cm

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Place of Origin: Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: Zhejiang Zhongdeng Electronic Technology
Model Number: ZD-GR030-2000-5 handheld drone jammer

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Detail Information

Product Name: Handheld UAV Jammer Jamming Frequency: 0.9G To 5.8G
Jamming Distance: 2km Power Supply: Build-in Lithium Battery
Waterproof: It Can Work In Light Rain
High Light:

41X32X17cm Directional Drone Jammer


Waterproof Directional Drone Jammer


5.8GHz Drone Signal Jammers

Product Description

Waterproof Directional Drone Jammer 41X32X17cm With Multiple Working Bands and 2.5km jamming distance


1. Overview

In many countries, the small drones with slow speed and low flying height become popular in civilians. It can be used by people for many applications such as power line checking, pesticide spraying,anti-terrorism reconnaissance and people rescue.

In some aspects, the drones also have some negative effect on society. Some drone hobbyist play their drones around airport and some crowded places. Criminals use drones to transport drug,escape from prison, spy military bases, spread leaflets and deliver dangerous things.
When the drones with slow speed and low flying height entry some important or sensitive areas,people urgently need to know the methodsto deal with these drones at emergence moment. To solve such problems, technique equipment is also important. ZD-GR030-2000-5 handheld drone jammer applies the automatic digital interference code technology.It blocks the remote-control channels of drone within 0.9GHz to 5.8GHz by emitting wireless interference signal. Then the drone can’t be remote controlled and move away from the original flying path. (The drone may land or go back to the starting point) .This jammer is equipped with build-in battery which can be replaced easily. 

ZD-GR030-2000-5 handheld drone jammer is manufactured by Zhejiang Zhongdeng electronic technology Co.Ltd. The advantages of this jammer are that: it has large jamming frequency range and build-in battery. It is widely used for security protectingof important conference, large rallies and important places.


2. Functions

1) ZD-GR030-2000-5 handheld drone jammer can effectively remote interfere the control signal of small drone with slow speed and low height like wireless remote control drones and drones with GPS, Glonass, Beidou navigation system. The interfered drones will not be remote controlled and go back to the starting point orland

2) Once the illegal drones is found to be close to or entry the warning area, the jammer will directional interferes them immediately.


3. Product features

1) Multiple working bands. This product contains all the remote-control bands of small drone with slow speed andlow height in the current market. These bands include 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GPS.

2) The build-in battery can make jammer keep working for 2.5 hours that ensures jamming mission is effectively.
3) The jammer has function of battery protecting.It can arrange the battery power andtemperature. To protect the battery, the jammer can reminder user to turn off it when the battery power is low.
4) The battery can be taken off easily if customers require. Therefore, the main device and battery can be transported individually. This featureis useful in airlift.


4. Technical specifications

1) Working bands: 5 bands
Satellite navigation 1.5G:1559-1606MHz GPS,Glonass,Beidou
2.4G:2405-2483MHz drone with 2.4Gcontrol signal frequency
5.8G:5725-5850MHz drone with 5.8Gcontrol signal frequency
F1, F2: These are the special bands which will be decided refer to the drone bands of different countries.
2) Jamming distance
No less than 2000 meters(For phantom 3 and phantom 4, the horizontal distance from controller to drone is 100 meters and the flying height of drone is 100 meters)

Multiple Working Bands Waterproof Directional Drone Jammer 41X32X17cm 0

3) Antennas(2 antennas)
One antenna is a log periodic antenna. Another antenna is a panel antenna. These two antennas can combine into one entire antenna.
4) Power supply (lithium battery inside the main device)
The battery can supportthe device keep emitting signal for no less than 2.5hours. The waitingtime of device is not less than 24 hours.
5) Equipment weight:8Kg
6) Size:41X32X17cm
7) Waterproof:It can work inlight rain
8) Operation :First, user looksfor drones by using remote telescope. When illegal drones are observed to be close to or entry the warning area, the jammer will directional interfere the targets. Besides, the jammer can be operated by single person.

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